Thinking about the unthinkable

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Experiencing or witnessing a disaster can seize the emotional well-being of survivors and first-responders in a paralyzing grip. What is a disturbing headline for people removed from the incident can be a life-changing trauma for participants. Regrettably events like the … Continued

Back on the path of hope

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Ted and Jan Urton have established a scholarship fund with the Chemeketa Foundation to support educating students who are ex-criminal offenders. They contributed $25,000 to launch the Urton Family Re-entry scholarship fund. This is not their first act of generosity. … Continued

OSU honors President Emeritus Schuette

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The Oregon State University College of Science awarded former Chemeketa president Gretchen Schuette with its 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award. Schuette was president of Chemeketa from 2001 to 2007. She is a generous benefactor and our art gallery is named in … Continued

When male or female isn’t our only option

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The first three words a newborn baby hears is, “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy.” Will that child always be male or female? Lake Perriguey posed that question, among others, to about 40 audience members on the Salem campus … Continued

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