6 Solutions for the parking lot blues

bikesWhile I-5 and Lancaster Drive traffic can turn any courteous, docile employee into a roid-ragin’ NASCAR driver, we also face the challenge of parking, an adventure best compared to a crowded mall at Christmas time meets the obstacles of the video game “Paperboy”. All before 8 am? Not always the best way to start our day and be at our best for students.

So if one of your goals is to “stress less”, “save more money” or “be a better steward for mother earth” you may find alternative transportation (at least a couple times a week) an easy way to beat the parking lot blues.



Oregon agrees. Here are a few services offered to make commuting a friendlier experience–

  • Drive Less Connect for online ride matching, finding a biking partner and to track your trips and savings
  • Valley VanPool ridesharing
  • ZipCar car sharing
  • The Green Bike Cab, or 971.209.2224, for donation-based, people-powered public transportation that starts at 11 am daily
  • Secure bicycle parking and showers at CCBI and showers at the Salem campus
  • Free taxi ride home for employees and students who van- and carpool, bike, walk and ride the bus to any of our locations if an emergency arises while they are here.You must enroll in the Emergency Ride Home program through Drive Less Connect before you can use it – which you can do by following these instructions.