What just happened?

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kickoff250Welcome to the inaugural edition Chemeketa Connects. We hope to make this blog a useful resource to keep you informed as well as help you do your job the way you want it done.

We’re on a quest to sustain fellowship at Chemeketa and we’re not sure which one of us is Frodo, Bilbo or Gandalf but we’re going to have fun on this journey even though complaints about communication in an organization our size may be as inevitable as, well, pick your simile –

1. Knowing someone on a gluten-free diet

2. Dodging someone walking and texting

3. Quizzes to determine something like what type of pet is most like you

We plan to refresh our content each week but we’re kind of like kids learning to ride a bike with this thing so we might crash into a blackberry thicket every once in a while. Feel free to enjoy our gawkiness but give us some encouragement too for getting back on the bike even though our knees are scraped.

Check in for weekly updates and tell us what you think. Send praise, criticism and story ideas to chemeketaconnects@chemeketa.eduMail We’ll even publish your comments like a newspaper Letters to the Editor section if they serve the greater good or make us laugh. Oh, and you sign your name because anonymous comments will not be published but tucked into a special folder for use in one of our cleansing and healing rituals which involve Epsom salts and unicorns.