Chemeketa Board approves district president job description

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The Chemeketa Board of Education in a public meeting on Oct. 27 reviewed and approved the job description for our next district president. The board received at its October 15 meeting the results of community input into the skills and qualifications we should seek.

We plan to open the position for applications on November 17 and will recruit nationally.  We expect to close the application period in early January. Then the Presidential Search Advisory Committee will screen applications and recommend finalists at the January 21 board meeting.

The Board of Education will approve the composition of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee at its November 19 meeting. Executive Team will nominate candidates to the board based on criteria the board approved October 15. The voting members of the advisory committee will be composed of –

  • 2 community members
  • 2 students
  • 2 exempt employees
  • 3 faculty employees
  • 3 classified employees
  • 3 Board members

When considering the appointment of advisory committee members, the board will consider the overall qualifications of the individuals as well as  the appropriate representation of –

  • district locations
  • ethnic, race, age and gender
  • college core theme areas: college preparation, transfer studies and workforce education