Life’s a pawty

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pawsWe all remember the summer of 2014. Hot and dry defined both the days and the nights.








Black cocker spaniel
Entering from stage left

It was the summer Bogey Nelson turned 5 and a gaggle of Chemeketa dogs joined him at Minto Brown dog park to celebrate his birthday.

Black cocker spaniel
Let the good times roll

Bogey greeted his guests with a shake of the paw and a quick sprint around the area.

I can only imagine how his paws felt in the dry grass after spending the weekend on a golf course with rich, green grass. Yes, Bogey is a veteran of the golf course scoring his momma good luck when he accompanies her.

Black cocker spaniel
The tennis ball missile

The dictionary defines bogey as either “one score over par on the golf course” or in World War II, it was an “unidentified aircraft.” You be the judge.

Black cocker spaniel
Meet Bogey
  • Lovingly owned by Holly Nelson, Dean—Yamhill Valley Campus
  • Family member since 12 weeks old
  • Paw size small to medium
  • Most endearing quality lover
  • Favorite activity fetch
  • Best memory fellow golf man

Tell me, tell me… do you have a family member with four paws that greets you with gusto when you return home after a day at Chemeketa? Are you ready to show them off on Chemeketa Connects? Call me at 503.399.2518 or e-mail me at I would love nothing more than to meet and photograph your furry friend.