What our students did on Halloween was amazing

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tth_sraAren’t Chemeketa students a little old to be going out trick-and-treating?

Yes and no.

I mean, if those students you see in the picture were out on the streets of Salem and Keizer elbowing 5-year-old Elsas and Ninja Turtles out of the way in order to get first pickings of the fun-sized Snickers and KitKats*, then yes.

But instead, these students were out trick-or-treating to help their fellow students combat hunger, so the actual answer is a definite no.

Trick or Treat for Hunger is a regular event organized in Chemeketa’s Office of College Retention & Student Life. Students go out on Hallowen night, in costume, and collect nonperishable food items for the college’s food pantry.

Last year, students collected a little over 300 food items, said Yesica Navarro, the office’s student success project coordinator.

This year, however, the student smashed that number, bringing in a whopping 957 items.


I’m not afraid to call that a literal smashing, because you could have written last year’s total on a watermelon, then smashed with a sledgehammer ala Gallagher and not have it be any less impactful.

Navarro highlighted the increased participation of student groups this year. Those groups, and the areas they visited, were—

  • Multicultural Student Services (Keizer)
  • Associated Students of Chemeketa (Chemeketa area)
  • Student Retention Assistants (Bush Park area)
  • Storm men’s and women’s soccer (West Salem)
  • Phi Theta Kappa (South Salem)

PTK alone collected 414 items, Navarro said.

The food pantry is located in the student life office and is available to students as access to emergency food assistance. A great resource, since it’s hard enough to take exams when you’re stomach’s not growling.

If you want to find out more about how to help out the pantry, contact Navarro.

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*Did you know KitKats are different in the United States than they are everywhere else? The U.S. is the only country where they are made by Hershey, everywhere else it is produced by Nestle. The global 4-piece KitKat bar is often larger (50 grams in Canada vs. 42 grams in America, for example) and in Japan there have been over 200 different flavors of KitKat, including pear, edamame, purple sweet potato, blueberry cheesecake and wasabi.