What’s sending employees running for their lives?

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Since 2001, Chemeketa employees and friends have participated in the ultimate test of human endurance and mental stamina. No it’s not accreditation or a presidential search, but the legendary Hood to Coast relay race.


Team Chemeketa consists of 14 runners from across the college, and if your feet are aching for the asphalt, you too can join as a 2015 alternate or a runner for future years.

The team is also looking for behind-the-scene support including van drivers, race course volunteers and people stationed at the beach to greet and celebrate the participants with food and beverages (tough gig, huh?).

Curious about participating or volunteering? E-mail team captain Erik Jensen to sign up or learn more.

The team is also raising funds through the sale of grapefruits, oranges and tangelos. To make a contribution, contact Brad Tedrow.