Meet student Wilma Soriano

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wilmaWilma Soriano, from Salem
Pursuing her AAOT

What do you most value in your friends?
Loyalty. I feel like I am very loyal and I look for the same in the friends I allow in my life

Who are your heroes in your real life?
My older sister and brother. My sister graduated from high school a year after her class with two kids and my brother is still attempting to earn his GED also with two kids. While they were sidetracked with kids and other life obstacles, in my eyes they are very successful and strong individuals. They have been great parents raising their kids from a very young age and are amazing older siblings.

What were you like as a 12 year old?
I was a very independent, curious, and friendly person. Very talkative in class and a bit disturbing for teachers, but they still really enjoyed having me. I was never the type of person who was peer-pressured or followed others. I enjoyed being the leader and making the rules.

What are your career goals?
I’m interested in majoring in psychology and pursuing a career as a parole officer. My career goals have changed various times but this career seems like a perfect fit. I have always enjoyed working with youth and more specifically at-risk students. I enjoy being there for them, even if it is just to be an ear to listen. Growing up I had to do a lot on my own and be my own “parole officer,” making sure I was always on track and staying out of trouble.

Using only two words, describe yourself.
Determined and confident

What’s one thing people wouldn’t guess about you?
That everything I own has been paid with my own money. I feel like people think I’m daddy’s little girl and my parents spoil me but I have been making my own money since the age of 10.

What is your motto?
“Anything is possible when you are in control.”