7 of the coolest names on campus: Sage Freeman

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sagePerhaps you’ve heard of them in passing, or maybe you’re already a close friend or colleague—but have you ever wondered what the story was behind some of most unique and memorable names on campus?

4. Sage Freeman
A name inspired by the landscape of his Arizona birthplace

An aromatic tea? A peace loving flower child? No, it’s Sage Freeman, Media Specialist for Distance Education and Academic Technology.

Sage, whose birth name is Jeremiah (inspired by the movie Jeremiah Johnson starring Robert Redford) has gone by his middle name his entire life.  His father is from a Mormon family that settled in Southern Idaho, so he boasts many Freeman aunts, uncles and cousins in that area. “I’ve only met three or four other Sages though – boys and girls. It’s not too common.”

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