7 of the coolest names on campus: Friday Valentine

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FridayPerhaps you’ve heard of them in passing, or maybe you’re already a close friend or colleague—but have you ever wondered what the story was behind some of most unique and memorable names on campus?

6. Friday Valentine
She wasn’t born on a Friday or Valentine’s day, and she doesn’t know Robinson Crusoe

While working as a “girl Friday” – or assistant director – for a theater, one college student dreamt of changing her name to Friday Valentine. Wanting to avoid a name with sexist undertones, she was pleased to discover the name Friday is derived from Freya, the goddess of love in Norse mythology and that the main character in Robert A. Heinlein Friday is a “super-human fighter lady librarian” – quite fitting for Chemeketa’s Digital Assets Curator. Valentine was the surname she had before she was adopted, so she re-assumed the name as an adult. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear ‘Friday.’ They’re like ‘Frida?’ or ‘Freddy?’… my personal favorite has been ‘fried-egg’.”

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