Learn the “2-Step” for more secure Gmail

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tech-talkPasswords are not as strong as they once were and criminals are becoming more deceptive in ways of getting them.

Some common examples of this include –

  • Reusing passwords on multiple sites
  • Websites and emails that trick you into giving away your password
  • Downloading malicious software

The good news is that Google has a method to help users keep their Gmail more secure — 2-Step verification.

The normal way for users to access their Gmail is to just enter a password. With 2-Step Verification, you will need something that you know (your password) and something that you have (cell phone or security key). After it is set up, when you log into your Gmail account, you will enter your password like normal. Then you will either use your cell phone or Security Key to provide a second code. After that, you are in your Gmail like before. One small extra step for you, but a huge step to be more secure.

Google has additional information about 2-Step Verification on your Gmail account.

If you still have questions, please send in a TAC and someone from the Information Security Team will get back to you.

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