7 of the coolest names on campus: Octavian Düm

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octavianPerhaps you’ve heard of them in passing, or maybe you’re already a close friend or colleague—but have you ever wondered what the story was behind some of most unique and memorable names on campus?

7. Octavian Düm
And his dad’s name is Dr. Düm

Also blessed with a killer surname and the desire for a more befitting first is Octavian Düm. It began in the late ‘80s early ‘90s when he met a couple online, Octavian and Raven, who became his mentors. Later, while listening to an Easter mass on lineages of Caesar Augustus and his great uncle Julius Casear – both of whom where known as Octavian – he hatched a plan to take Octavian as his Confirmation name. Later he became involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) participating in historical re-enactment using a Roman persona and the Octavian. The name stuck and he began introducing himself as Octavian, eventually deciding to change it legally. The Düm family name can be traced back to the 1600s in the Koblenz-Moselweiss area of Preussen (modern day Germany).

“While it is not the name that I was born with, it is the name that everyone in my life apart from people who knew me as a child know me as.”

So what’s in a name? Get to know your colleagues by asking them “what’s the story of your name?”–oftentimes its more than we realize.

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