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ET UpdateLast year Executive Team distributed innovation grants to fund projects for student success.  This year we decided to dedicate all of the $25,000 budgeted for innovation grants to the initiative to provide our students greater access to open educational resources. See the article published in the November 24 edition of The Statesman Journal, “Chemeketa explores ways to lower student textbook costs.”

Look for future stories on our progress to provide students options for high-priced textbooks.

Meanwhile, the Innovations Workgroup of the Instructional Technology Advisory Group (iTAG) is sponsoring a mini-grant program to support faculty interested in exploring technological innovation in their courses.

Grant opportunities include –

  1. Exploration Grants to support the initial investigation of an instructional technology or practice. The exploration doesn’t have to be conducted in a live course. Exploration grants are funded up to $500 and might be used for things like workshop attendance, reviews of research or experimentation with software/hardware/apps.

Exploration Grant Application Form

  1. Implementation Grants to support the use of innovative technologies with students. Grant funds can be used for faculty time as well as materials or other resources needed to implement the innovation. Implementation grants are funded up to $1,000.

Implementation Grant Application Form

In considering grant proposals, the committee will give priority to projects that –

  1. Have the potential to be scalable (the proposal has the potential to impact a range of courses and programs)
  2. Are likely to impact student success and/or retention
  3. Or that focus on Innovations Workgroup priorities –
    1. Flipped instruction where students acquire content outside of the classroom and do homework together in class
    2. Instructor-student and student-student collaboration
    3. Open Education Resource (OER) materials.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis so faculty can apply at any time.

Questions? Please contact Beth Hales of the Innovations Workgroup.


For more information visit the Executive Team site on Employee Dashboard.