Oh, you are the boss of me

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ET UpdateHuman resources director Alice Sprague updated us on trainings for supervisors at our January 27 meeting. We seem generally satisfied with our supervisors. Anyway, that’s what the employee satisfaction survey indicated back in 2012. At that time there was strong support for statements like –

“My supervisor cares about my work.”
“My supervisor cares about me.”
“I know what’s expected.”

Continuously improving is a priority for Chemeketa employees, so HR employee development staff Cindy Scott and Sheila Brown work hard to prepare and deliver relevant training for managers. Last year over 60 of us participated in at least one of these training sessions –

  1. Personnel recruitment process
  2. Diversity in hiring
  3. Team building basics
  4. Performance evaluation
  5. Employee engagement
  6. Creating verbal, written and nonverbal communication
  7. Fixing workplace conflict
  8. Supervisory skills for resolving conflict
  9. Creating team success

You may see a survey in the near future asking your opinion on employee development offerings, so please do us all the favor of sharing your perspective.

For more information visit the Executive Team site on Employee Dashboard.