Policies & procedures now on public website

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webBoard of Education policies and procedures spell out our position and expectations on many, many issues. In the past you had to go to Employee Dashboard and wade through a thicket of files to find (maybe) what you needed.

Now our policies are on the public website and you can use the search function to zero in on the policy you need. There’s still a lot of material packed into each web page but the category headings might help as you scroll down the page.

Besides search, you can access the content through the “Discover our mission…” navigation tab on the home page then find the “Policies & Procedures” link on one of three pages –

  1. “Board of Education”
  2. “Accreditation”
  3. “Learn more about us”

So the next time you need to know our policy on, say, field trips, you’re good to go.