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skillsoft (1)So ET has over 90 projects we want to implement by 2017. That list is only a fraction of the work at the college.  Chemeketa is an idea-rich environment. We have way more good intentions than we have time and resources to produce. How do we decide what makes the to-do list? What’s important? Better yet, what is essential?

Greg McKeown offers a way for discerning what is essential, eliminating what is not, and removing obstacles in order to make implementation as effortless as possible. The disciplined pursuit of less (but better) outlines how to get more accomplished in less time by doing only the right things.

In the next Skillsoft Live event scheduled for March 3 from 9-10:30 am you will learn –

To use more extreme criteria for establishing your priorities

McKeown says the use of extreme criteria is like organizing a closet.  If your criterion is, “There’s a chance I will wear this someday” you’ll keep years of what-were-you-thinking bargains for the costume party that never comes. If you use, “I absolutely love this” you have a closet full of delight with room for even more.

How to replace “we can have it all” with pursuit of “the right thing, in the right way, at the right time.”

McKeown suggests we audit our projects and responsibilities to clarify what is most important. He also suggests we eliminate an old activity before we add a new one.

How to say no to requests for more of your time

It’s a 3-step approach –

  1. Affirm the relationship, e.g. “It really is good to hear from you.”
  2. Express gratitude for being considered, e.g. “Thank you for thinking of me. It sounds like a brilliant idea and I feel flattered that you think I can help.”
  3. Decline firmly and politely, e.g. “I’m sorry I need to pass on this opportunity at the moment while I address my priorities.”

Saying “no” is uncomfortable for many of us so that part takes practice and tact. McKeown urges us to try because it is only by saying “no” to the less meaningful that we create space and energy to effectively concentrate on what really matters.

Hear Greg McKeown expand on the ideas from his book, Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less at the next Skillsoft Live event –

March 3
9-10:30 am
Salem 6/218B

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