Remember the Effectiveness Project?

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ET UpdateOnce upon a time we decided our employee satisfaction research would not be relegated to dust collection on a remote shelf. We organized the feedback into seven categories. Three categories were new priorities and we invited volunteers to serve on action teams addressing those concerns. Four categories already had momentum so those initiatives were also brought under the umbrella of the Effectiveness Project.

Executive Team reviewed the status of this work at our March 17 meeting –

ET Effectiveness. The action team wrapped up this work with recommendations that are now being implemented –


  • ET members are regularly attending department meetings
  • Employee forums are well attended
  • ET Updates on Chemeketa Connects are a regular source of information

Interpersonal and Group Communication. One more meeting is planned for spring term to celebrate these accomplishments –

  • Stories about people and communication are popular on Chemeketa Connects
  • Thursdays at 3 events are well-attended
  • Managers are encouraged to respond to interpersonal and group communication issues through the training resources available to us like Skillsoft

Performance Management and Accountability. The priority of this team has been to improve our employee evaluation system and timeliness

Efficient Systems. Three priorities are in the works –

  • Streamlining the Notice of Vacancy (NOV) process for hiring new employees
  • Online time sheet entry
  • Improving how we collect student intent information when they enroll

Internal Communications. A report on the utilization of Chemeketa Connects was presented –

  • 108 articles were published between Oct. 22, 2014 – March 8, 2015
  • Average number of readers per article was 146
  • Average time spent reading an article was just over two minutes
  • Most popular article category is Employee Profile which average 291 readers
  • Most popular single article was Meghan Gallop’s story on Doug Moxley’s annual Fudge Frenzy which attracted 487 readers

Recognition. Several adjustments have been made in employee recognition –

  • The President’s Report to the Board of Education has been re-titled Recognition Report
  • Julie Huckestein sends employees commended in the Recognition Report a thank-you e-mail
  • Employee tenure celebrations are held for –
15-20 year employee recognition lunch
15-20 year employee recognition lunch

5-10 year employee breakfast

15-20 year employee lunch

25-30 year employee dinner








Shared Vision. Preparing our accreditation report created the opportunity to align and consolidate elements of our vision. We intend to revisit this subject after our next accreditation assessment.