Meet Lupe Reyna, Veteran’s Services Coordinator

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LupeReynaWhat do you enjoy most about your work at Chemeketa?
Interacting with the students, being able to communicate and find out what their needs are or issues that we can address. But most of it’s that camaraderie of being in the military and having that shared experience, it’s the best part of this job.

Where is your favorite place at Chemeketa?
Right now I spend some time in the Veteran’s Lounge. That’s where other veterans hang out and that’s where we do a lot of discussing about things that have happened or that are upcoming.

How do you determine or evaluate success?
Persisting. Getting students to continue from one term to the next. We see a percentage of students who aren’t able to do that so we’re identifying the “whys”. Is it the class? Is it the instructor? Or is it outside issues they’re having, because many of our veterans have PTSD issues. Right now we’re gauging success on keeping them here.

What’s one thing people wouldn’t guess about you?
I have a mean streak. Since coming back from Afghanistan I’ve lost a little patience… like in traffic.

Describe your self using only two words
Self-motivated. When I see something needs to be done I just do it. I don’t ask someone else to do it for me or wait for someone else to do it.

What makes you cry?
I’m really embarrassed when there’s a movie and it’s not even based on anything real (forget it if it’s based on anything real) but some of these chick flicks… I hate chick flicks…  mainly because they make me cry.

Most thrilling moment?
I climbed Mt. Rainer. Reaching the summit was definitely a thrill. As was coming down.


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