Class of 2015 – Meet Megan Dunn

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meganMegan Dunn is one of Chemeketa’s Oregon Community College Association (OCCA) All Oregon Academic Team Award recipients. On both the Honor Roll and President’s list, she is also a member of Phi Theta Kappa and volunteers for La Leche League.

Megan graduates in June and plans to transfer to Eastern Oregon University and pursue a career in public health education.  

Megan’s message to the class of 2015

Audre Lorde once said, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”  Chemeketa brings together an eclectic mix of people from our community which represents the diversity of the Willamette Valley. This amalgamation brings with it essential lessons for the betterment of one’s self and the community as a whole.

We often think that the most important lessons in college come from textbooks. Students learn to apply mathematical functions to everyday life and peer into microscopes to spy into tiny, hidden worlds. More importantly though, college gives students the chance to see the connection between their lives and the diversity of peoples which makes up the student body through ever expanding perspectives given to us by interactions with one another.

These moments of understanding and connection can define the college years. It’s much more than preparation for a career or collecting credits to transfer to a four year university. Higher education gives one an opportunity to grow into a better version of oneself. Accept these opportunities as gifts to cultivate in oneself a kinder and wiser human being.

Diversity brings strength to our community through a greater variety of perspectives and experiences. Sociologist, George Herbert Mead, stated, “Society is unity in diversity.” The experiences of college present a unique opportunity, like no other, for society to unite through, not in spite of, our diversity so that we may “recognize, accept, and celebrate” our differences.