Don’t get stuck in the status quo

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skillsoft (1)Chemeketa is a river, not a pond. In our ever-changing world we may want to resist change because we’re so darn tired of it. The next Skillsoft Live event speaker, Lisa Bodell, reminds us that progress doesn’t come from standing still.

Bodell is a globally recognized futurist and expert in innovation. She is the author of Kill the Company which USA Book News honored as the best business book of 2014.

Join us June 9 in the Employee Development Center in Salem Building 6, Room 218B for “End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution.” You will learn –

  • Why everyone is a change agent
  • How simplification lets us achieve more and better innovate
  • How little changes can create a big impact
  • Tangible ways to eliminate the needless complexity to ignite innovation

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