Meet Miriam Rozin, Director of Business Services

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MiriamRozinWhat do you enjoy most about your work at Chemeketa?
Every day is different. Everything is always changing.

How else are you serving the community?
Raising two phenomenal children. I’m stealing this quote which I just love, ‘we talk so much about leaving a better planet for our kids that we forget to leave better kids for our planet.’ I also served a term on the board at my synagogue and have been a parent sport supporters in West Salem.

What person living or gone inspires you?
Barbara Streisand, because she’s Barbara Streisand. But really Golda Meir, an Israeli Prime Minister who was alive when I lived in Israel. She was a phenomenal leader in the face of adversity.

What is your most treasured possession?
I’d die if I ever lost my grandmother’s engagement ring. She took care of me as a kid when my parents divorced. She was adventurous, always up for anything, and she was like that until the day she died. She also had a snack waiting for me every day when I came home from school. Full-size English candy bars that I’d never feed my children. 

Most thrilling moment?
Riding the Slingshot with my daughter at the State fair.

When are you at your most relaxed?
Naptime. I love naps, and not because I’m sick or don’t feel well. A weekend is not a good weekend without a two-hour nap. Some people don’t get it, but I will put ‘nap’ on my weekend to do list.

What would be your personal motto?
‘Just keep swimming’ from Finding Nemo