How understanding your personality helps you work and play better

According to the quiz I am an ENFP and should consider a job in writing, journalism or TV reporting. Nailed it.

We all operate from a sacred place within and while the cause of our behavior is often difficult to pinpoint, so can be our ability to change. But what if change is not nearly as important as understanding our own natural personality and those of others around us?

Learning more about personality types provides the insight needed to develop personally, socially and within one’s career.

Here’s how-

  • Understanding why you’re prone to behave in certain ways makes you more genuine and accepting of yourself and others
  • Identifying and working within your natural strengths allows you to gain energy and enjoyment in a career where you’ll thrive versus toiling in your weaknesses
  • Recognizing others’ strengths, weaknesses, preferences and mental habits gives you the insight you need to lead productive teams, resolve conflict quickly, improve communication and manage differences (among other benefits)

So what are you?

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