Meet Chemeketa’s newest employees

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facesJoin us in welcoming some of Chemeketa’s newest employees.








Chris-Arbuckle-03_JPGChris Arbuckle
Faculty, Brooks







Adriana-Barrera-01_JPGAdriana Barrera
Faculty, HEP Program Salem







Deanne-Beausoleil-02_JPGDeanne Beausoleil
Faculty, Humanities & Communications







Sara-Csaky-02_JPGSara Csaky
Part-Time Faculty, Woodburn







Sara-Dennison-03_JPGSara Dennison
Faculty, Humanities & Communications







Megan-Gonzalez-03_JPGMegan Gonzalez
Faculty, Emergency Services







Gary-Grassman-01_JPGGary Grassman
Faculty, Instruction & Student Services







Moses-Navarro-01_JPGMoses Navarro
Faculty, Instruction & Student Services







Claire-Oliveros-03_JPGClaire Oliveros
Executive Dean of Student Development & Learning Resources







Joshua-Seech-03_JPGJosh Seech
Department Technician







Michie-Sharpe-03_JPGMichie Sharpe
Faculty, Yamhill Valley Campus







Michael-Sutcliffe-01_JPGMichael Sutcliffe
Faculty, Woodburn







Anthony-Wagner-01_JPGAnthony Wagner
Student Services Specialist







April-Whittle-01_JPGApril Whittle
Technology Analyst 1







J.DJD Wolfe
Director information Technology







Not pictured

Joleen Schilling
Faculty, Agricultural Sciences