Chemeketa collaborates: CollabArt 2015

Join the fun and collaboratively creative experience as we form an art piece from materials that would ordinarily be headed for the recycling bin. The finished piece will be donated to the Straub Environmental Center’s second annual fundraiser “Cart to Art” which supports the Center’s efforts to create awareness and understanding of our relationship to the environment and to motivate people to become active stewards of the environment.

CollabArt’s committee, which includes Steph Fregosi, Laura Mack, Gail Williams Pickett, Jason Collman and Kay Bunnenberg Boehmer, has a concept for the piece which will represent what Chemeketa is together: our classes, people, places, culture and services.

They need your help-Collabart

  1. Provide an object (no larger than 2 inches) that represents your department, program, culture, functional area or location. Include with the object, a small “artist statement” (description) about why this was chosen.

Example: A cork from Wine Studies, a used spark plug
from Automotive, a redacted enrollment form from Enrollment Services. We are decorating 4″ and 6″ square wooden boxes.

  1. Donate other small found items that are sitting around your office, house, or garage or recycling bin for embellishment or construction of 4″ and 6″ square wooden boxes.

unnamedExample: Used metal hinges, small screws, small nails, old drawer knobs, interesting keys, pieces of colorful scrapbook
paper, magazine pages, fabric, printed flyers and/or photos you don’t want back, etc.

  1. Donate materials by October 28. Items will be accepted in the second floor lobby of Building 1, Salem Campus, or you can send items through campus mail to Building 1/Art.
  2. Participate in a collaborative “construction” afternoon on Friday, October 30. Drop in any time from 12-4 pm in Building 5, Room 100 on the Salem campus.