Hispanic Serving Institution status

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ET UpdateExecutive Team renewed its commitment to Chemeketa becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) at its November 3 meeting. The college met the minimum enrollment threshold for the first time this fall with 25.2% of our degree or certificate seeking students declaring themselves to be Hispanic.

The team who led the initiative to achieve the 25% enrollment level made it clear to ET that it is not enough to be a Hispanic enrolling institution this year. We not only need to sustain Hispanic enrollment above 25% from this point forward, we also need to clarify what we want the HSI designation to mean for the entire college community.

Executive Dean Claire Oliveros recommended and ET approved that Manuel Guerra lead a formal task force to address the issues associated with becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution. There are two general areas of work –

  1. Maintaining Hispanic student enrollment levels
  2. Identifying how the HSI designation will best benefit all students

Maintaining Hispanic student enrollment levels at 25% or more

The federal standard for being designated an HSI will require us to maintain for the next two years Hispanics comprising 25% or more of our degree or certificate seeking students. If we are successful, we can apply for the designation in 2017 though there is an option to obtain a waiver in 2016. We deployed multiple tactics to reach the enrollment goal this term and they will be evaluated and augmented moving forward

Identifying how the HSI designation will best benefit all students

The HSI designation opens new opportunities to apply for grant funding. These grants are highly competitive so great consideration will be given to determine what opportunities and tactics represent our strongest, most comprehensive case for supporting the success of all of our students.

The task force will initiate addressing these issues and check in regularly with Executive Team.