Meet Bolt, our Storm mascot

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Bboltolt is Chemeketa Storm’s new mascot

What do you enjoy most about your work at Chemeketa?
The RUMBLE of the crowd and the ROAR OF THE STORM!

What would be your personal motto?
Storms make trees take deeper roots

What’s one thing people wouldn’t guess about you?
My marion berry pie has won first place at the Oregon State Fair twice

Describe your self using only two words
Mighty jackhammer

What makes you laugh?
Funny dancing and little kids. Especially when little kids dance funny.

What makes you cry?
Those animal cruelty commercials featuring “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

What is your most treasured possession?
My passion. Whatever you do in life, do it with passion or not at all.

What kind of hobbies or activities do you enjoy in your spare time?
I’m a lifelong learner and I’m pumped to take some classes at Chemeketa. Considering sand volleyball or glass blowing.

What are you watching?
Behind the Mask, a hulu original.

Most thrilling moment?
It’s yet to come, and I’m inviting you all to be there. On Wednesday, January 6, I will be making my CHEMEKETA DEBUT during the half-time show of the men’s home basketball game. After that, I’ll be performing at men’s and women’s home basketball games for the rest of the year – check out the game schedules to show your Storm pride!

Most embarrassing moment?
January 6 will likely be my most embarrassing moment. Your support would make my decade of dance classes all worth it though.

What is your biggest phobia?
Not being awesome.

If you had the choice of being able to fly or being invisible, which would you choose?
Uh, flying of course. I’m asking for a cape and hoverboard for Christmas, so I will basically be a superhero when you see me next.