Meet Chemeketa’s newest employees

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facesJoin us in welcoming some of Chemeketa’s newest employees.








Karen Alexander 03_JPGKaren Alexander
Disability Services Coordinator, Disability Services








Wendy Baker 03_JPGWendy Baker
Bookstore Assistant/Department Clerk, Bookstore








Kevin Brewer 03_JPGKevin Brewer
Instructor, Center for Individual Learning, YVC








Michael Budke 02_JPGMichael Budke
Coordinator, Corrections Education








Trina Butler-Dana 04_JPGTrina Butler-Dana
Administrative Secretary, CCRLS








Matthew Dudek 03_JPGMatthew Dudek
Instructional Specialist, Library and Learning Resources (Tutoring)








Heather Hannan 02_JPGHeather Hannan
Instructional Specialist, Early Childhood Education








Brian Hasenstab 04_JPGBrian Hasenstab
Library Technician II, Library and Learning Resources








CCharisa Henckel 02_JPGharisa Henckel
English as a Second Language Instructor, Academic Development








Cy Hill 02_JPGCy Hill
Financial Aid College Access Assistant, Financial Aid








Wesley Parker 03_JPGWesley Parker
Programmer/Analyst, Information Technology








Selina Ramon Sanchez 03_JPGSelina Ramon Sanchez
Financial Aid College Access Assistant, Financial Aid








Katie Ramsdell 04_JPGKatie Ramsdell
Student Services Technician, Enrollment Services








Jon Tucker 01_JPGJonathan Tucker
Executive Director, Corrections Education







Not pictured: Vivi Caleffi Prichard РCompliance Director, Governance and Administration