Unconscious Bias: The Hidden Barrier

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skillsoft (1)“The question,” says diversity consultant Howard Ross “is not do we have bias. The question is which are ours?”

Our ancestors’ prospects for survival benefitted from the ability to quickly assess the threat level of a stranger. So now when we meet someone new, we quickly evaluate their appearance and manner then make a determination about them. We start interacting with them based on that first impression without taking the time to find out about the whole person before us.HowardRoss



Howard Ross will address how bias creates workplace problems in a Skillsoft live event –

Unconscious Bias: The Hidden Barrier
March 8, 9-10:30 am
Salem campus, Building 6, Room 218B

Ross examines how human bias informs every decision we make on a daily basis, from professional decisions about hiring or firing to everyday decisions like where to go out to eat. Far from simply being malicious pre-judgments of others, biases define what kind of decision-makers we become in the workplace, in the classroom, at the ballot box, and in our relationships with others.

You will learn –

  • How to identify and overcome unconscious biases in the workplace
  • How to navigate unconscious bias and its impact on your decision-making processes
  • Strategies and tools to create change in your organization, in your own career and personal life

Howard J. Ross is one of the nation’s leading diversity consultants and a nationally recognized expert on diversity, leadership and organizational change.

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