Roadmap for the future

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ET UpdateExecutive Team has completed it’s annual review of the college roadmap for the future, theĀ 2015-16 Strategic Plan. The 12-page document succinctly summarizes college priorities and action items for the upcoming year and beyond.

You can find the full text on the Employee Dashboard Strategic Planning subsite called Strategic Plan.

The document is the roll up of all the investment staff put into our unit plans. Executive Team reviewed and discussed the contents over multiple meetings the last several months. This is the place to go to answer questions like –


  1. What exactly are we doing to continuously improve the quality of our service?
  2. How do we intend to enrich our learning environments with up-to-date technology?
  3. Are we serious about a diverse workforce and professional development?
  4. What’s the status of any number of recent initiatives?

There is a whole lot of important information wrapped into a tidy bundle that we hope you will take the time to review.