Chemeketa Dallas becomes Chemeketa Polk

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dallas_buildingThe Chemeketa Board of Education voted at its June meeting to change the name of our center in Dallas to Chemeketa Polk. Board chair Betsy Earls, who represents the Polk County portion of the community college district, said the new name more accurately represents Chemeketa’s local sphere of influence.

“We offer classes in Independence as well as Dallas, and we want all the residents of Polk County to think of Chemeketa as their college,” Earls said.

Chemeketa offers a range of college classes at its locations in Dallas and Central High School. This year a Building Inspection degree program has been added to the college curriculum at the Polk Center.

There are no plans to move operations and classes from Chemeketa’s Dallas location added Glen Miller, director in charge of the location.

“We’re changing signs and such but we have no plans to leave our home at 1340 SE Holman Avenue,” Miller declared.

Let’s help each other remember to use the new name, Chemeketa Polk. Oh, and while we’re talking about names, remember we no longer have a viticulture center. It is the Northwest Wine Studies Center.