6 things I learned from the 2016 Inservice

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Another Inservice has come and gone and now that we’re all ready to take this year by storm, let’s take a moment to reflect on some of the things we learned over the last couple weeks.


sageOur employees really love a good chair. 

Another round of applause for what could quite possibly be the first and last chair committee the world has ever seen.













img_2242You can teach an old dog new tricks.

So. Many. Changes. The old Chemeketa’s head would be spinning. But we’re the NEW Chemeketa, and we embrace uncertainty and change with a general okay-ness.













img_5783The # can be a thing here.

As long as we have friends to help with the details. Thanks to those who played along!






























14258366_10153704129857237_8883857310587078303_o Our employees have the best smiles.

I mean, just look at us.
























Bowling was BLOWING UP.

We ran out of lanes, can you believe it? I can. We brought the house down. Click here for more pictures.

eric…And our selfie game is as strong as our bowling game.

































































Cheers to 2016-17!