4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge

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Did you know there are (at least) eight dimensions of wellness? Chemeketa cares about you holistically and invites you to join the 4 Weeks to Wellness Challenge, an opportunity to set a weekly wellness objective and win prizes for meeting your goals.

From November 14-December 8, 4 Weeks to Wellness will focus on four of the eight dimensions of wellness, one week at a time.

  • Week 1 Physiboltcal

    • Schedule a doctor appointment that you have been putting off
    • Find ways to move more throughout the day: Park farther away, take walking meetings, walk during your breaks, etc.
    • Go to bed 15 minutes earlier
  • Week 2 Occupational/Social

    • Create connections with your co-workers
    • Have technology-free meals
    • Make a plan to catch up with a friend

  • Week 3 Emotional

    • Say “yes” to things that feel intimidating and “no” to things that aren’t priorities
    • Create a “weekend gratitude journal”
    • Practice positive self-talk
  • Week 4 Intellectual

    • Challenge your mind by taking up a new hobby or learning a new language
    • Read a book you have been meaning to read
    • Listen to a podcast on a topic you don’t know about

It’s Easy to Join

  • Select your team or be placed on a team
  • Choose your own personal objective that relates to each week’s theme
  • Report and celebrate our successes (we won’t share your mini goals unless you say it’s ok)

Set your Goals

From creative and bold to the more mundane, if you’re intentional and realistic with your weekly objectives you can improve your overall wellness and find ways to incorporate different wellness strategies into your everyday life.

Earn Points

Report your success and earn a maximum of three points a week for entry into weekly and grand prize drawings

+ 1 point for each week you meet your personal goal

+ 1 point for telling us something you’ve learned about yourself or your wellness during this challenge that we can share to inspire others

+ 1 point If you post something about this challenge on social media using the hashtag #chemeketawellness

+ 1 bonus point if this is your first wellness challenge

+ 1 bonus point if you bring a friend to the challenge who’s never participated in a Chemeketa wellness challenge

Win Prizes

  • Prize awarded weekly to one lucky participant
  • Grand prize awarded to team with overall highest participation at the end of the challenge
  • Several drawings for individual winners at the end of the challenge

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