Introducing guided pathways

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Dr. Rob Johnstone

Despite our best efforts, student completion rates remain unsatisfactory. On average about 35% of U.S. community college students earn a certificate, degree or transfer. Chemeketa is above average at about 40% but some schools are above 60% in their completion rate.

So we have room to improve but the question is how?

On Monday, March 13 Dr. Rob Johnstone met with nearly 200 Chemeketa faculty and staff in a series of meetings to make the case that guided pathways is the answer.

Dr. Johnstone summarizes guided pathways as a movement with four foundational elements –

  1. Clarify the paths. Map all programs and include features that clarify paths, such as detailed outcomes, course sequences and progress outcomes.
  2. Help students get on a path. Require supports that help students get the best start, including first-year experiences and integrated academic support.
  3. Help students stay on the path. Keep students on track with supports such as intrusive advising and systems for tracking progress.
  4. Ensure students are learning. Use practices that assess and enrich student learning, including program specific learning outcomes and applied learning experiences.

Johnstone predicts implementation of effective guided pathways is a long-term project requiring a 10-year committment to become fullly beneficial. Chemeketa will continue our conversation and assesment into spring term.