Chemeketa walks 12,257 miles in 19 days

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From February 27-March 17, a record-breaking 180 employees participated in Chemeketa Sweats, the college’s 2017 pedometer challenge.

Employees from all Chemeketa locations logged 25,513,493 steps (approximately 12,257 miles) during the challenge, blowing the goal of walking the 2,560-mile Pacific Crest Trail out of the water.




The B7 Bombers! Nathan Pratt, Sara Landis, Pam Knox and Judy Nelson (not pictured Traci Stephenson).


The team with the highest average of steps per-person (206,356), the B7 Bombers!, were handsomely rewarded with the challenge’s inaugural trophy as well as boasting rights for a year.

Mary Hughes of the Woodburn Center was the challenge’s top walker, finishing with an outstanding 389,102 steps (approximately 194.5 miles).

The other nine participants rounding out the top 10 steppers include–

  • Aleta Utaatu (321,558 steps)
  • Lionel Parra (315,072 steps)
  • Taisa Chernishoff (306,203 steps)
  • Veronica Sifuentez (304,012 steps)
  • Raschel Larsen (278,550 steps)
  • Tatyana Sukhodolov (269,208 steps)
  • Leanne Barron (253,810 steps)
  • Dwayne Mitzel (252,186 steps)
  • Aaron King (248,133 steps)









A number of groups shared team photos to mark their success along the way and at the event’s wrap-up celebration.


The Jaywalkers: Kelly, Mike, Bill, Tim, Amanda, Dwayne, Larry, Chris, Bob, Lea, Bryan and Sofia.


Team Aardvark: Bryan Monson, Suzanne Monson, Patti Sessions, Barbara Johansen, Nancy Stephens and Sue McFarland.


Team Awesome: Mary Ellen Scofield, Raschel Larsen, Megan Cogswell, Amanda Patrick, Johnny Mack, Tim Pierce, Paula Lisoff and Trish Bowslby.


The Health Sciences Team: Shaunah Steele, Sandi Kellog, Cheryl Buckholz, Terri Wenzig, Pam Fifer, Joyce Park, Connie Riecke and Carolyn Milburn.


The IT Crowd: Doug Moxley, Jennifer Dumble, Minna Gelder, Jim Porter, Wesley Parker, Jonathon Metcalf, TJ Cuhna and Aaron Marling.


Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadon: Genevieve, Aaron, Sarah, Teresa, John, Selina and Sue.


The Polk Pedestrians: Nancy Harper, Joanna Simpson, Michelle Carlson, Cy Hill and Beth Bonnet (not pictured: Glen Miller, Kisha McIntosh and Dennis Crepeaux.)



Team Sweatin’ to the Oldies: Lynn Irvin, Mariah Martinez, Andrea Schamp, Nancy Espinosa, Gail Williams Pickett, Maria Kyber, Teka Landaker and Julie Schonbachler.


Bookin’ It: Leanne Barron, Heather Simpson-Howell, Diana Inch, Tricia Bender, Lianne Hargie and Jennifer Zima, Linda Crosby and Shannon Eagles.