Electronics students showcase capstone projects

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A stand-alone system forĀ pulling hydrogen from water to generate electricity. Recycling 3D printing scrap for reuse. AutomatedĀ seed planting.

You can’t accuse Chemeketa’s industrial electronics students of thinking small for their capstone projects.

The students presented their projects to an audience on June 7 in Building 4.

Despite some setbacks including losing a key day of work due to the June 5 power outage at the Salem Campus, students showed off a number of prototypes and ideas in their presentations. The designs had to incorporate concepts such as safety features and the prototypes had to make use of switches, sensors and programmable logic controllers.

Full list of projects presented-

  • Recyclops (take 3d printing scrap and recycle it into a usable spool of printing material again)
  • Automated seed planting system
  • Industrial CNC (computer numerical control) laser for machining
  • Hydrogen fuel cell with solar-powered water electrolysis for acquiring the hydrogen
  • Maintaining even water levels between two storage tanks