Discover: A year at Chemeketa

What can you capture in six days of filming over three terms at Chemeketa?

It turns out you can show a lot if you strike the right balance between strategic planning and opportunistic flexibility, (and thanks to our college’s vibrant community and charming locations.)

This video, Discover: A Year at Chemeketa was produced as one of the first digital assets for our new website. It is meant to offer a glimpse into answering the question “Why Chemeketa?”




Discover: A Year at Chemeketa is one of the first major projects aimed at appealing to our audience’s expectation for more dynamic content and storytelling. Plus, the hours of footage left on the cutting room floor can be used to produce future videos for programs.

The other major project? Our new college website.

That’s a Wrap

The new has taken more than three years to produce. This video took 11 months. Within the next couple days, my daughter will have taken nine.

I’ve taken great pride in the creation of each of these, and hope the new website and this video will make at least one person proud of the work they do here every day.

For those of you retiring or coming close to it, I hope you know how valuable your time here has been. Your impact has not gone unnoticed, and sometimes the measure of a year’s worth of success can be as simple as making the difference in one person’s life. You have made an impact


Signing off for now—until we meet again,

Meghan Gallop