Catching some cosmic rays for the eclipse

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While most of the talk around the August 21 total solar eclipse that crossed over Salem was focused on the travel and visitors coming to view the phenomenon, there were other things that came about as part of it. Including the opportunities for scientific research.

An example of that is current set up in Building 8 on the Salem Campus: A cosmic ray detector.

The detector was set up the week prior to the eclipse by Bellevue College physics instructor Kevin Wheelock, with Chemeketa physics instructor Erik Jensen participating in the setup as well.

The detector is one of numerous ones set up around the nation for the QuarkNet 2017 Eclipse experiment, which seeks out to determine the difference, if any, in cosmic rays during a solar eclipse.

The data collected from the detector at Chemeketa will be combined with information from other detectors to be analyzed at the Fermilab National Laboratory in Chicago.