Operational update 2017

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Welcome to the new academic year!  We will soon have new and returning students on our campuses, centers and online who are excited and maybe a little anxious to get started at Chemeketa.

I hope you have enjoyed your time in department meetings, the inservice professional development opportunities and preparing for fall term.  Thanks to all of you who attended the fall kickoff on Tuesday, September 12th and who have commented on my remarks about our commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for our students.  I also appreciate your attention to the data that deepens our understanding of Chemeketa students.

I hope all of you will continue to seek data that is relevant to the students you serve in and out of the classroom and make changes as needed to enhance their probability of success.  My kickoff remarks and the data handout are on the President’s office dashboard site.

All my best for a successful start to the year,



Enrollment continues to decline. As of September 20 enrollment trails last year by 5%.  To put this trend in perspective, our  total FTE of 10,572 from last year was our lowest since the 2006-07 academic year. Our budget planned for tuition revenue to decline 3% this year. We need everyone to continue making student recruitment and retention a priority.

Oregon Promise

Changes in the implementation of the second year of the Oregon Promise grant have impacted students and enrollment. One issue was the delay in notifying students as the Legislature worked on revisions to the program. Last year, students were notified in June. This year they learned their status in mid-August. The number of grants awarded was reduced because higher income households were no longer eligible for the Oregon Promise.


Chemeketa district OP awardees

Chemeketa OP applicants

OP awardees registered for fall classes (as of 9/25)









Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways clarifies how our students’ pursue their goals and supports them staying on track.  A group of faculty and student service staff will participate in a statewide symposium in October. We intend to make progress on Chemeketa’s version of Guided Pathways this year. Our plans include –

  • Expand and fine tune our Early Alert system which identifies students at risk in time for intervention
  • Develop the Meta Major concept which establishes a broad direction for students, such as business or health, within which relevant credits and specific credentials are pursued
  • Explore a student coach approach to advising


We are expanding our use of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) approach to learning. AVID for Higher Education on our campus will provide continuous faculty professional development, as well as several projects focused on student support models in and out of the classroom.  A workgroup is leading the work for the district, and will expand as additional projects begin.

Transformed Public Website

The new public website is almost ready for its debut. Access to the development version of the site will be given to employees on October 9. You will have at least two weeks to become accustomed to the new site’s architecture and navigation before we go public.

Deans and directors identified about 120 people to be trained to modify content on the new site. Over 60 of you have been trained, and invitations to the October training sessions were sent September 14.

We anticipate continuing to improve the site throughout this year.


The college has moved to the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) for employee insurance as of October 1, 2017 and all employees should have chosen their new plan by now.  This move results in a plan year change for employees covered by insurance.  The new plan year is October 1-September 30 and replaces our old plan year of January 1 to December 31.  Employee deductions for the new OEBB health insurance premiums effective October 1 will be made from the September 30 paycheck.

IMPORTANT:  An employee who does not select an insurance plan will AUTOMATICALLY be enrolled in Kaiser medical.  For more information about the insurance changes contact Sherrie Osborn at 503.584.7108 or Monica Valdivia at 503.399.2525.

Faculty Negotiations

The negotiating teams took a summer break, and have resumed meeting this fall.

Administrative Staffing Update

Recent retirements and transitions have resulted in a number of staffing changes.

Please see the current organizational chart for more information.

Banner 9 Upgrade

We started a mandatory upgrade of our Banner system which will have a broad and significant impact on our Information Technology department and other college service departments.  We want you to be aware of this initiative because it may delay service response times in certain operations.

For example, IT programming staff will spend over 400 hours per month between now and August 2018 to complete the required work.

Please do not hesitate to request new IT and service projects. And please understand that our response may be affected by the staffing allocation required to complete the transition from Banner 8 to 9.

The Employee Dashboard site labeled Banner 9 under the Banner drop-down menu has more information about the project.

Facility Updates

Softball Field

The college is continuing to explore options to successfully solicit services for field construction after two failed bid requests.

Building 3

The construction of Math Program faculty offices in Building 3 is complete, and faculty have moved in.  Additional classrooms on the second floor of Building 3 have received furniture and technology upgrades.

Parking Lots

Several of the parking lots on the Salem Campus have been restriped, and weather permitting additional lots will be completed.

Agricultural Center

We secured matching funds from the Legislature which will be allocated in development of the property east of the baseball/softball fields on the Salem Campus. A task force is being convened to develop the plan and schedule..  This facility will house our horticulture, agribusiness management, and agricultural community education programs, as well as bring partners together to co-locate, creating a hub to support the region. We anticipate receiving the state funds in spring of 2019.

HSI Community Needs Assessment

As part of first Hispanic Serving Institution grant application, we completed a community needs assessment that provided us a lot of interesting information. You can review the entire report on the Institutional Research site of Employee Dashboard.

These overarching themes were identified –

  • Make purposeful connections in the community
  • Match students with one advisor who can help them develop and navigate their educational plan, address barriers, and ensure they access the necessary resources to complete their plan
  • Increase first term advising time
  • Build relationships with Hispanic parents
  • Make more purposeful connections on campus
  • Teach college-going skills
  • Develop employee knowledge and skills
  • Hire more Hispanic, bilingual and bicultural staff
  • Establish targets and measure milestones

Strategic Planning

Over the summer Executive Team has been working with the planning office to develop an executive summary of our strategic initiatives and planned activities for the upcoming year as well as updating our seven year strategic plan.  Each of the strategic initiatives focuses on one or more of our core themes of academic quality, access, community collaborations and student success.  Measures have also been developed for each of the core themes.  The executive summary plans and measures will be distributed to deans for use in the annual planning and budget requests.  Refer to the Strategic Planning site on Employee Dashboard to keep updated on our strategic planning process.  For information on our data collection and measures refer to the Institutional Research site on Employee Dashboard.


Support for DACA Students

Some of you have asked how we are sharing information about resources for our DACA students, their families and our employees.  We regularly update our DACA web page as new information is received.