It’s a website

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  • Thousands of decisions
  • 700 days of work
  • 150 collaborators
  • One website used for over a million sessions a year
Here are some of the people who contributed to building our new website –
Julie Huckestein

Julie provided time, resources and inspiration.

Tim Rogers
Tim initiated the project in 2014.

Marv Arnsted
Marv protected the design integrity of each webpage,

Paul Adarr
Paul made every technical problem go away.

Meghan Gallop
Meghan had the clearest vision of what was possible and was completely committed to bringing that vision to life.

Robert LaHue
Robert did lots of content creation heavy lifting.

Terri Jacobson
Terri’s photos illustrate our community and mission.

Gail Williams Pickett
Gail led three rounds of vendor proposal evaluations.

Sage Freeman
Sage translated technical jargon into human language.

Kellie Schellenberg, J.D. Wolfe and Yesica Navarro
Kellie, J.D. and Yesica helped choose vendors way back when.

Sheila Brown
Sheila gamely learned the new web software system so she could teach over 100 contributors to use it.

Over 100 of you said yes to learning how to modify content on the new site.

It’s your college website. Please help maintain it by using the “Send corrections and feedback” link found at the bottom of every page.

Thank you.