Weight Watchers at Work meetings free for OEBB members

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If you are enrolled in an OEBB medical plan you are eligible to participate in the Weight Watchers program free of charge—including online access, community meetings or Chemeketa’s Weight Watchers at Work meetings.

The college has launched Weight Watchers at Work meetings just in time for changes to the program’s point system, which includes new foods added to the “zero point” list (including fish, whole beans and skinless chicken, among others ).

Two Weight Watchers at Work meetings, led by a local Weight Watchers leader, are held each Wednesday in Bldg. 6, Rm, 218b (Salem Campus). From January-March, meetings will be held in Bldg. 9, Rm. 112 (Salem Campus). Participants are invited to attend whichever works for their schedule.

Meeting 1
Weigh-in 11:45-12 pm
Meeting 12-12:30 pm

Meeting 2
Weigh-in 12:45-1 pm
meeting 1-1:30 pm

Find information on signing up here; bring your Weight Watchers vouchers or your medical card to the meeting to sign up.

For details about the Weight Watchers benefit through OEBB please call 1-866-531-8170 or contact Sherrie Osborn at 503.584.7108 or Monica Valdivia at 503.399.2525