Walking in a (Sustainable) Winter Wonderland

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The weather might be frigid, but spirits are warm around Chemeketa. Several people tipped Chemeketa Connects to a display of creativity and sustainability in the Faculty Office lobby.

“In an area of the Salem Campus, that quite possibly has the best view ever, you might meet the talented Kristina Follis Mwepu,” says Gail Williams Pickett. “She created all the lovely snowflake decorations from paper that was otherwise bound for the recycling bins.”

Art instructor Heidi Grew embellishes, saying –

Whether you are a reuse and recycle enthusiast or not, stop by and visit the hand-made holiday decorations in Building 1, Room 200. Kristina Follis Mwepu is the visionary behind this playful display of recycled cut paper snowflakes and garland, among other decorative touches. The snowflakes (made of paper from a recycle bin) vary in size and undulate with air movement from the ventilation and people passing through. The fir wreath reveals another creative do-it-yourself result: the branches are carefully woven together, held together without wire or string.