February Recognition Report

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Julie recognized the following colleagues at the February Board of Education meeting –

Last spring, staff and students created 2,500 paper cranes from our recycling bins. The cranes were sent to the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The college recently received a thank you letter and photo of the cranes from the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum expressing their gratitude. Staff participants included Steph Fregosi, Adam Holden, Teter Kapan, Michie Sharpe and Susan Tanabe.

Meredith Schreiber, director of Auxiliary and Contracted Services, presented at the Independent College Bookstore Association (ICBA) Annual Conference in Anaheim, California. She participated in a panel entitled “ICBA Innovators: Making a Difference.” Her presentation was on the bookstore’s partnership with, and success of, the Chemeketa Press.

Thanks to Eric Colon-Cortes, Raschel Larsen, Marty Limbird and Nathan Pratt, along with colleagues from Clackamas Community College, who planned the 2018 Oregon Higher Education Professionals in Health and Physical Education (OHEPHPE) Conference. A number of Chemeketa faculty and staff presented including: Linda Herrera, Erika Lanning, Jim McCabe, Russell Read, Bryan Rollins, Colin Stapp, Tamara Trattner and Jackie Welter.

Steph Fregosi, Linda Herrera and Adam Holden presented at the Washington and Oregon Education Sustainability Conference on February 7 at Portland State University. Linda’s session title was “Chief Diversity Officers: Collaborative Leadership to Align Sustainability Programming with Diverse Communities;” and Steph and Adam’s presentation was “Food Equity and Service Learning: An Unintended Outcome of a Community Partnership.”

Thanks to Linda Ringo-Reyna, student services coordinator, for planning and coordinating a number of college events including the Martin Luther King event entitled “The Reality of Hunger at Chemeketa;” the Alcohol and Drug Awareness information event in collaboration with Karen Alexander, director of Student Accessibility Services and Peter Davis, human services instructor; and three Intercultural Movie Nights.