Chemeketa Wellness on the Rise

Chemeketa Wellness is on the rise. Here’s a glimpse of how employees are doing on their wellness-related goals this year.

Weight Watchers at Work

Are things feeling a bit lighter around here? That may be because the 47 employees who’ve been enrolled in the Weight Watcher at work meetings have shed 492.2 pounds since the program started. This doesn’t even count the employees who are participating in the online-only program or community meetings. Interested in joining? New members have until March 21 to enroll and still be eligible to meet program attendance requirements.

Find information on signing up here; bring your Weight Watchers vouchers or your medical card to the meeting to sign up.

For details about the Weight Watchers benefit through OEBB please call 1.866.531.8170 or contact Sherrie Osborn at 503.584.7108 or Monica Valdivia at 503.399.2525.

Pedometer Challenge

This year’s Pedometer Challenge set several new records. A resounding 190 employees participated walking more than 14,700 miles in 18 days crushing the challenge’s 6,191-mile goal. Take a moment to congratulation some of this year’s participants 

Top 10 Steppers

  1. Eric Colon-Cortes (Team HHPA) – 509,994
  2. Brian Keechle (Team Olym-Peons) – 507,743
  3. Seth Barnett (Team More Walkie, Less Talkie) – 450,022
  4. Brad Tedrow (Team Buncha BS+) – 410,167
  5. Terri Jacobson (Team Storm Troopers) – 397,586
  6. Raschel Larsen (Team HHPA) – 380,615
  7. Kim Martin (Team CCT) – 352,333
  8. Anfefa Kuznetsov (Team More Walkie, Less Talkie) – 328,973
  9. Octavian Dum (Team SaaSY Cats) – 311,411
  10. Roxanna Glang (Team PSYCH-Outs) – 307,303

Winning Team – HHPA

Team average: 296,819

  • Pam Knox
  • Nathan Pratt
  • Traci Stephenson
  • Sara Landis
  • Eric Colon-Cortes
  • Raschel Larsen
  • Taisa Chernishoff

What’s Coming Up

  • Chemeketa Training Club
    March 5-May 18
    Learn more about the Chemeketa Training Club
  • Growth Mindset Wellness Workshop
    Friday, March 9, 12-12:50 pm
    Bldg. 7, Rm. 106

    Register using CRN: 62748

People with a growth mindset believe that intelligence is not fixed – that people can learn anything because our brains have the ability to grow and change. Unfortunately, many of us have a fixed mindset – believing that people are born with a certain amount of intelligence and that our brains cannot grow. Research suggests that as people develop a growth mindset, they become more engaged and persistent in their learning and become more successful in life. The good news is that people can shift from a fixed to a growth mindset.

Join us for a brief overview of growth mindset and its effects on behavior. We will share with you ways that you can help yourself or students develop a growth mindset. Presented by Bryan Rollins, ABE/GED Instructor.