PTK Earns Recognition

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(Top) Angela Unger, Pamela Hough, Katie Yearous, Lindsey Caudle, Carissa Bravo, Jeff Weissburg
(Bottom) Donnie Molleson, Hawkeye Morgan, Dana Gann

Recently, our Alpha Kappa Omicron (AKO) Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) received numerous awards and recognition at their international and regional conferences. AKO was one of 123 PTK chapters among the 1,300 PTK organizations to receive national recognition. They received the Distinguished Honors in Action Project Award which recognizes the top chapters whose project entry demonstrated excellence in academic research into the Honors Study Topic, leadership roles and leadership development activities, service or advocacy, collaboration and reflection.

International Awards

  • Distinguished Regional Officer Team – Lindsey Caudle, Donnie Molleson
  • 5-Star Region – Lindsey Caudle, Donnie Molleson
  • Distinguished Honors in Action Project
  • Distinguished Chapter Officer – Lindsey Caudle


Regional Awards

  • Most Distinguished Honor in Action Project overall
  • Most Distinguished Honors in Action Theme 6
  • Most Distinguished Chapter Officer – Lindsey Caudle
  • 5-Star Chapter
  • Distinguished Officer Team
  • Distinguished Chapter
  • Communication Award
  • Yearbook Award
  • Art Award – Carissa Bravo


The AKO chapter is also very proud to announce the election and appointment of the following AKO members to the 2018-19 RMC Regional Officer Team –

  • Regional Vice-President – Donnie Molleson (second term)
  • Western District Executive – Dana Gann