Salem Water Quality Update

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The City of Salem drinking water advisory for vulnerable populations remains in place.  This advisory applies to the water at Chemeketa’s Salem Campus and to the Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI) in downtown Salem.

Please note from the advisory –

Children under the age of six, people with compromised immune systems, people receiving dialysis treatment, people with pre-existing liver conditions, pets, pregnant women or nursing mothers, or other sensitive populations should follow this advisory. At this time, people not on this list may continue to drink the water unless additional messaging is received.

For detailed information on the advisory, please visit the City of Salem website.

The college has supplied water for the children in the Salem Child Development Center in Building 39, the Building 50 High School Programs area, and is making bottled water available to students in the Student Life Center in Building 2, through 5 pm Friday.  Students have been encouraged in a separate email to bring their own water if possible.

Employees can obtain bottled water in the Emergency and Risk Management Office in Salem Building 2, Room 215 through 5 pm Friday.  If you have alternate water sources, please bring your own water so we can to make our campus water supply available to children and vulnerable individuals.

Water for public use will once again be distributed from the Salem Campus Brown parking lot.

Please note:  Coffee availability from Chemeketa’s food service locations on the Salem Campus or CCBI may be limited during the advisory.

We will share as soon as the advisories from the City are updated.  If you have questions, please contact Chemeketa’s Emergency and Risk Management Office, 503.399.8635.