Chemeketa’s Hood to Coast Team Seeking Runners, Volunteers and Sponsors

Chemeketa’s Hood to Coast team, the Storm Chasers, are looking for runners, volunteers and sponsors for the race August 24-25.

The Hood to Coast (HTC) race, known as “The Mother of All Relays”, is the longest running relay in Oregon and the largest relay in the world, spanning 199 miles, from the top of Mt. Hood to the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Seaside, Oregon. There are 1,050 teams each year and has reached its capacity for the last 24 years.

Things to Consider When Joining the Team
  • The race consists of 36 legs. Each team has 12 runners and each runner is required to complete three of the 36 Legs. Course Maps
  • Each leg ranges in distance from 3.48 to 7.72 miles and varies from easy to very hard due to the varying Oregon terrain.
    • A captain can assign you according to your preference,
  • The Storm Chasers rent a house in Seaside for after the race and have cooks on hand to feed the team for their hard work. HTC hosts the largest beach party on the West Coast to celebrate its conclusion- it’s one party that you don’t want to miss!
Team Openings

The Storm Chasers currently have two open running spots for this year and the time to register is approaching quickly. If you are interested in running, volunteering or sponsoring the Storm Chasers or would like more information, please contact or