July recognition report

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Julie Huckestein recognized the following colleagues for recent contributions to Chemeketa and to their professions at the June Board of Education meeting.

Mike Evans, Heather Misener, Jeannie Odle and Stacey Wells, are thanked for planning and organizing the college’s 62nd commencement ceremony that was held on June 15 at the Pavilion. Many helpers and volunteers contributed to the success of this year’s graduation including Nette Abderhalden, Karen Alexander, Angela ArcherJames Berndt, Juliet Booth, Kerry Burtis, Barbara Cowlishaw (retired), Amy Early, Melissa Frey, Meghan Gallop, Grecian Garcia Perez, Kekeli GbofuJoel Gilbert, Karyna Gonzalez, Ashley Hackett, Greg Harris, Casey Hultberg, Lynn Irvin, Terri Jacobson, Teter Kapan, Tiffany Kennel, Jessica Hilfiker, Bill Kohlmeyer, Robert LaHue, Thomas Lambert, Laura Leon-Cipriano, Michelle Limas, Yessica Navarro, Ray Phipps (retired), Katie Ramsdell, Meagan Usselman, Jessica Wright, Terry Rohse, Eme Smith, Pilar Torres-Barrera, William Velez, Steve Vincent, Jill Ward (retired), and Kenneth Wolfert. Also, big thanks to the day and evening Facilities crew; Media Services, Northwest Innovations; Public Safety; Megan Gonzalez, Michael Withington and the first-year Law Enforcement Students, and the 20+ student volunteers and helpers.

Thanks to the planning team of Angela Archer, Casey Dolato, Joel GilbertAshley Hackett, Lupe Najar-Perez, Yessica Navarro, and Ken Wolfert for organizing the end-of-year TRiO celebration that was held on June 14. The Alumni Award went to Johnny Neal, communications faculty; and Persistence Awards went to students Lindsey Caudle, Tammy Duke, and Edgar Ontiveros Ramirez.

Jess Stahl, Dean of Curriculum, Instruction and Accreditation, and Cathy Martell-Straight, advising specialist, were selected to attend the Oregon Institute of Leadership Development (OILD) at Silver Creek Falls in June. OILD is sponsored by the American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC) which promotes the development of leadership skills and qualities at every level in community college administration and education. (Core Theme: Access—A broad range of educational opportunities and workforce training is provided to students in pursuit of their goals.)

Thanks to the many faculty and staff who have been heavily involved in the instructional and service area program reviews which occur on a five-year cycle and encourages programs and service areas to reflect as a group on performance in relation to the college’s mission and core themes. A total of 55 program and service reviews and presentations have been completed.

The program and service reviews listed below have occurred since January 2018-

Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry Program Review developed by program director and staff November 2016–December 2017. January 2018 presentation by CCBI Director Diane McLaran and staff Rebecca Balance, Celia Nunez, and Lori McCauley.

Human Services Program Review developed by faculty June 2016-January 2018. February 2018 presentation by faculty Yolanda Martinez, Peter Davis, and Christina Steiger.

Brooks Regional Training Center Program Review developed by center coordinator and staff November 2017-February 2018. March 2018 presentation by center coordinator Tania Kleinschmit and Chemeketa Fire Protection program graduates and Test Proctors Matt Miller and Noah Murayama.

International Programs Program Review developed by program staff October 2017-April 2018. May 2018 presentation by program director Teter Kapan and staff Kimberly Eitner, Paco Hadley, and William Velez.

Financial Aid and Veterans’ Services Program Review developed by staff January 2017- April 2018. May 2018 presentation by Financial Aid Director Ryan West, Assistant Director Kate Hoerauf, Financial Aid staff John Dedrick, Aaron King, Sarah Wait, Sue Barnum, Teresa Watson, Becky Beggs, and Cindy Hustrulid, and Veterans Outreach and Community Connections Coordinator Jon Terrazas and Veterans Specialist/Certifying Official Bruce Irvin.

History Program Review developed by faculty June 2017-May 2018. May 2018 presentation by faculty Taylor Marrow, Traci Hodgson, and Mike Baylo.

Cooperative Work Experience Program Review developed by faculty and staff August 2017-May 2018. May 2018 presentation by faculty Gary Kuhn and Rebecca Salinas-Oliveros and student interns Sebastian Ellingsworth and Justin Smith Sellinger.

Languages Program Review developed by faculty July 2017-May 2018. June 2018 presentation by faculty Ed Lazzara, Eric Reed, Silvia Herman, Michie SharpeSylvian Frémaux, and students/alumni Josiah Liedke, David Fox, Madison Bodenhamer, Elizabeth Pujatska, and Jennifer Leo.

Criminal Justice Program Review developed by faculty November 2017-May 2018. June 2018 presentation by faculty Megan Gonzalez, Debra Pillette-Stephens, and Michael Withington and students Jonah Jandera, Jacob Bledsoe, Ariah Cookingham, Maricella Jaroch, Bradlee Davis, Taylor Gage, Staphanie Barragan, James Little, Courtney Backer, Spencer Bibler, and Jorge Valencia.