Bilingual Education Program Celebrates Successes

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On Wednesday, August 1, the first-ever Bilingual Teacher Success Celebration was held to recognize the accomplishments of Chemeketa’s Bilingual Education program students.

Nearly 50 guests attended the event to celebrate the program’s alumni who have transferred and obtained their teaching degrees as well as the college’s first Biliteracy Seal Recipients.

Four students spoke on what inspires them to work as teachers, how they’re implementing what they’re learning at Chemeketa in the classroom, and thanked the college and the Mexican Consulate for providing the Bilingual Teacher scholarship.


Student Ana Solorio Diaz speaks
Ana Solorio Diaz

“You’re not only investing in my future, you’re investing in the futures of the students we serve,” said student speaker Ana Solorio Diaz.

The event also commended the program’s immense growth. Since its inception five years ago, Chemeketa’s Bilingual Education program has grown from two students a term to nearly 30. This summer is the first term to offer students an instructional assistant guided pathway and plans to add Russian as a second bilingual category in the fall.

“There is a need for bilingual teachers in an ever-diversifying population,” says Joe Romero, Education Department technician. “We see this program as the start to addressing both an immediate and future need in our state.”



Biliteracy Seal Recipients
Biliteracy Seal Recipients
Biliteracy Seal Recipients
  • Patricia Torres
  • Ashley Durán
  • Charcy Ramos
  • Mariaelena Barrera
  • Maria Limas






Student speakers and Chemeketa Education staff