Dia de Muertos celebrated at Chemeketa Woodburn

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For many South America countries, the second of November is a day to commemorate those loved ones that have passed away. To celebrate this traditional event, Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead, last Friday at the Chemeketa Woodburn Center.
Attendees had the opportunity to learn about this tradition by decorating a sugar skull and creating a tomb made out of dirt. A highlight of the event is that a local dance group performed a traditional folkloric performance from Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition, traditional food was provided (tamales, hot chocolate, and bread). Lastly, those that created a tomb participated in “the best decorated tomb” contest. The winner received a prize.
This event provided student engagement opportunities in various ways. In fact, this event wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous help of the students in the Student Association of Woodburn (SAW Club) and Woodburn staff. In preparation of the event, the SAW Club students created an altar, made sugar skulls, and materials needed for the traditional tombs activities. Students also helped during the event by setting up decorations, checking in attendees, face painting, and helping other students with their sugar skulls and tombs.
(Information provided by Efrain Alonso, Woodburn Center)