Fruitcake Weigh-In Challenge starts NOW

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Each year, many Americans gain at least a pound over the holiday season. But unlike the footy pajamas you receive from that dear relative who still thinks you’re 12, the pound is often non-returnable and here to stay.

Chemeketa’s Employee Wellness Committee is welcoming and challenging all employees to fight back against holiday overindulgence with the annual Fruitcake Weigh-in.

To accept this challenge –

  1. Report to the Health and Human Performance office (7/103) to record your baseline measurement weight or body comp (your choice) before Thanksgiving. This information is kept confidential. 
  2. Then, return for a second weigh-in January 7-11.
  3.  If you have maintained your weight over the holidays within 1 pound or 1% of body fat, you will earn entry into a drawing for one of three wellness prize packs.

If you’ve maintained your weight over the holidays within one pound, you will earn an entry into a drawing for one of three $20 gift cards. If you’ve lost one or more pounds over the holidays, you will earn two entries into the drawing.

Sign up here.

For more information, email Raschel Larsen or call ext. 3991.

You can find more resources about taking care of yourself during the holiday season on the Wellness Dashboard site and Wellness Facebook Page.